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JBL Tour Pro 2 | True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Rs. 69,900.00

  • Smart Case for seamless experience
  • True Adaptive Noise Cancelling with Smart Ambient
  • 6-mic perfect calls with voice control
  • Legendary Pro Sound
  • Hands free voice control
  • Bluetooth 5.3 LE audio (*
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JBL Tour Pro 2 | True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The JBL Tour Pro 2’s True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology tunes out distractions so you can enjoy your favorite audio—or even the sound of silence—all powered by legendary JBL Pro Sound and immerse yourself in superb, spatial audio on the go.

Manage calls

Accept or reject a call, mute your voice with a simple touch rom the smart display charging case.

Tailor the sound mode

Activate the spatial sound feature to immerse yourself in a pool of sound coming from everywhere. Choose among movie (with focus on the vocal elements and enhanced theatre feeling), music (with natural sound and wide sound stage) and game setting (wide sound stage and detailed sound), depending on the content you are listening to.

Create a quiet bubble

By disconnecting Bluetooth and Turn On ANC, SilentNow creates a silent bubble that helps you to take a sweet nap while traveling. Adjust the starting time and set the duration. An alarm will wake you up at the set time.

Save battery life

Activate Auto Play&Pause to automatically pause sound off when removing your earbuds. The sound resumes once you put your earbuds back on. This way, you won’t lose track of what you’re are listening, saving battery and time.

Your buds will never get lost

Have you lost your right or left earbuds? When the Find my Buds feature is being activated, you will hear a loud sound coming from the lost earbuds. This will allow you to promptly locate the missing piece.

Control the ambient sound

Would you like to focus and cancel out ambient noise? Or are you walking in the street and would like to be aware of the sounds around you? Or would you like to keep your earbuds one while ordering a coffee? Choose the ambient sound settings that better suits your situation, to adapt the earbuds internal microphones levels accordingly.

Manage your messages

The Tour Pro 2 smart display shows a notification when you receive a message on your mobile, without having to look at it!

A Seamless Smart Case

Control the earbuds’ settings, the audio and battery levels, manage calls and playback, and set your alarm without taking out your phone. The unique smart charging case of the JBL Tour Pro 2 allows you to manage your earbuds without taking out your phone. And you can also personalize the screen saver with your photos!

Play, Pause, Skip

No need to reach out for your phone to control your music. Easily manage your playlist, skip tracks, play and pause music, in just one touch.

True Adaptive Noise Cancelling

Enjoy the soundtrack of your life no matter where you are. True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology automatically uses 4 noise sensing mics to adjust to your surroundings in real-time, minimizing distractions when you need to focus and optimizing the Tour’s performance for a superior audio experience—all while you adjust ANC mode control with the JBL Headphones app.

Smart Ambient Sound

Stay alert to the sounds of the world around you while enjoying your music with Smart Ambient, controlling the ambient sound levels and turning the Personal Sound Amplification button on through the JBL Headphones App to boost the conversations’ volume with +15-20dB and adjust the L/R balance.

6-Mic Perfect Calls with Voice Control

The 6-mic crystal call algorithm of the JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds allows you to have better conversations even in loud or windy environments or to get help from your preferred voice assistant. And with VoiceAware, you can choose how much of your own voice to hear by controlling the amount of mic input routed back into your earbuds.

Immersive JBL Spatial Sound

Immerse yourself in JBL Spatial Sound and feel like being in a theatre, at a concert or in the studio with your favorite artist. Thanks to this proprietary technology, sound comes from virtually anywhere around you, no matter the source or the device you are playing from

Up to 40 Hours of Playback

Listen without limits. Enjoy up to 10+30 hours of Bluetooth playback, or up to 8+24 when True Adaptive Noise Cancelling is turned on. And when you need a boost, just speed charge for 15 minutes and get an extra 4 hours of battery life.

Personalize How
You Listen

Personalize the soundtrack of your life. Just download the free JBL Headphones app to customize EQ, switch on Adaptive Noise Cancelling, adjust your ANC level or ambient sound control settings, and check your best fit. You can also customize how the headphones behave through the Touch customization or adapt the sound output to audio or video to get the most out of your content, choose your preferred voice assistant and much more.


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